Glawn Project Status

Glawn is my personal software project. The Georgia Tech LAWN login client, shown in the screenshot below, has come pretty far from its inception.

Glawn on Linux

Glawn 1.0, pronounced guh-lon

Believe it or not, it started as an unnamed shell script that I created during my Freshman year at Georgia Tech. It was pretty shoddy work, but it worked. During my sophomore year, after taking a class in C (1372), I decided to rewrite the shell script in C, using the getline function to accept the user’s username and password.

Then summer arrived.

With plenty of time (although, I did have my first internship during this time) and an itch to learn some open source technologies (GTK+ specifically), I was able to release a graphical version of my script, Glawn 0.9. Though an appreciable milestone release, it was still kinda hacked together. In fact, I didn’t want to touch the codebase at all the following semester.

Old Glawn

Glawn 0.9, beta quality

During this time, I also was able to revamp my Prism Webpage using recently learned web technologies (XHTML, CSS, Javascript). I wanted to have a decent looking site as this would hold the Glawn Project Page. But I digress.

Fast-forward to Spring 2011, Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Metz, France. I worked on Glawn a good amount to bring it to it’s 1.0 release. By the way, multi-threaded processes are a pain. Anyway, to sum things up, Glawn now works on Windows, in GT-L, and has been downloaded at least 5 times (once for a 4007 project).

Hey, it’s a start…

What’s in store for the future? The user-visible feature roadmap can be seen on Glawn’s FAQ page. On the technical side, I plan to use GSettings for data storage and to rewrite the GUI with GtkBuilder. I am on the fence as to whether or not I should put this project on Launchpad.. Suggestions?

Glawn is my personal software project and my lens into open source development.


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